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Mercy Corps Response to Mount Semeru Eruption in Indonesia

Providing WASH to Affected Communities

About this Giving Opportunity

As you may have seen, Mount Semeru, one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, erupted on Saturday, December 4, killing more than 30 people and forcing thousands to flee from their homes. Our partner Mercy Corps quickly activated and began assessing the situation. Ade Soekadis, Executive Director of Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia has shared that more than 3,600 people in 19 displacement camps were forced to flee their homes and are in need of support; with thousands of additional people affected. Most of the affected areas don’t have electricity, and phone and internet signals are unstable. People urgently need shelter, clean water and food. 

Evacuation camps are difficult to access except by air, as lava flows, ashy mud, and fallen trees are blocking roads, but the Mercy Corps team and their local partners have begun to take action and are moving forward with a plan to utilize Xylem Watermark’s Emergency Response Fund to provide hygiene kits, clean drinking water via communal water filters set up water points. They anticipate being able to reach 1,600 people, and we will share updates as the response unfolds.


If you’d like to contribute directly to Mercy Corps’ response in Indonesia, you can do so via this page and Xylem Watermark will match your generous donations.

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